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Some nice bass


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Kicked off nice and early this morning with Beau,we were all rugged up to combat the cold, but after a few creek crossings we were numb all over and couldnt feel anything. We found bass in a couple of locations but each time we got a couple they would shut down. We had a bit of excitement at one spot when we got a double hookup on tagged bass. Beau's bass was one of my early taggings it had grown from 40cm to 42cm in 2 years and my bass was 45 cm but they could not find any records for it.

Beau won the zipper tag prize for the most fish and I won nothing for catching the biggest bass at 48cm. Shallow HB's were the winner for today. Final score Beau 11 me 7.

Fish while you can






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Was it U31554 ? if so it swam a fair way

or U31568, U31571, U31575 tagged them only a stones throw from where you are.

All 45's that I have not uploaded data for yet.

steve i have had 3 unlisted tags from npd and below in last few months u30496 is the only number i can find atm also know of 2 others.



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