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Adventures of YoYo - Brass Monkeys & Blowing


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Been a little while inbetween reports, for not much more of a reason than I haven't been wetting too many lures. Have had a couple of sessions out off Cleveland Point with very little result, but that's about it.

This morning ol' Uncle YoYo headed down to Jacobs Well in the Hobie to see what could be conjured up. Well let me tell you, the first thing that came up was a full matching set of the Brass proverbials! Hole-E-Sheeit it was cold down there!!

The wind was intermittent and licking at upto 10 knots early, but would die right down for periods of 15-20 minutes or so.

Early on the action was a little quiet, but i was still engrossed in sussing out the place for the first time with a sounder. The run out tide was creating some juicy looking eddies on the corners at the entrance to Calypso Bay, so out came the Twinpower/Loomis combo and in flicked a Bass Assassin 3 inch shad.

Took a couple of casts to get my drift and angle right to suit the weight, but an uptake of Varivas along the surface on the drop spelt action time, sure enough as the rod tip came up the weight came on and that sweet sound of Twinpower drag filled the air :woohoo:

At first i thought it was a decent flattie, as it was giving me a little bit of curry, but a flash of silver put pay to that and after a short but solid fight up came a healthy little squire.



Shortly after this i was on again, to a small flattie, but then it went a little quiet.

There were plenty of shows but not many hits happening, maybe the water was too cold to give them an appetite. It was reading 10.5 degrees when i launched and around 730 was 15 degrees.

I decided to try my luck along some of the sandbar/weed banks to see if i could troll up a Flattie or two. Along this section it goes from 0.5-1.0m dropping to 2+ metres.

First run along the edge and a the rod loads upand just sits. :huh: Kind of wierd, i think i must have snagged some weed. Lift the rod and give it a nudge and i feel the tail beat start up, giving me half a second to back the drag off a couple of clicks before the Stradic screams to life :woohoo:

Two ball-tearing runs and i'm wondering what on earth this is, clearly not a flattie, no hea shakes so not a squire, if its a bream it must be huge.......

The fish tires and comes up to the surface, i catch a big flash of silver with some green - Tailor! B) Not a bad size either, caught on an Austackle minnow, cant remember the model - Orca will know!



Did i mention the wind was now a steady 10+ knots gusting and it was f-ing cold ?? :blink: :ohmy:

Reset the troll along the banks and get another hit - up comes a healthy 42cm flattie


After this i moved into the canal a bit further but it was dead quiet in there with minimal shows on the sounder.

It wasnt too bad in the Lee, but windward it was very choppy and uncomfortable now and it was a solid blow job all the way back to the beach/car.

And that's about it guys, a mixed 4.5hrs on the water, at least a few fish to show for it!

Thanks for reading, 'Till next time!


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