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Where do Geckos lay their eggs?


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Under your bed when your fishing Kev :P

here are some divergences in statements about the places, female Asian house geckos ( Hemidactylus frenatus ) choose to lay their eggs >

Females lay hard-shelled, non-adhesive eggs in pairs under bark, in tree holes, palm fronds or other protected above-ground sites.

Three to four weeks after fertilization females lay two hard-shelled eggs that are partially fixed to a solid surface. Eggs are round and hard-shelled, unlike most reptile eggs, making them resistant to moisture loss and better able to survive traveling long distances.

Its superior ability to cling to surfaces allows it access to high crevice spaces for refuge and egg deposition, which gives it high potential to stowaway undetected in cargo and shipping containers.

Most sites report that two eggs per clutch are normal, but the only pic, I found, shows definitely more > http://aqualandpetsplus.com/Lizard,%20Ho…

and another site says "After mating, females can store sperm (SPUHRM), the male reproductive cells that fertilize the female's eggs. The females lay groups of hard-shelled eggs throughout the year, and the eggs hatch in forty-five to seventy days."

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