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Hobie revo 13, what do you think?


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Hey all, found this yak im very keen on! what does everyone think of the revo 13? he wants 1.8k for it, thinking i can get it down abit more.

This is the add.

2009 Hobie Revolution 13 for sale, which as far as I can see is still the current model. It is in very good conditon, only used sporadicaly because of lack of time. There are a couple of minor scratches but no surprises. I live just south of Brisbane. It is the Dune (Olive) color one with the wide wheels cart, folding anchor, padded adjustable seat, 2 piece paddle, hobie tackle box, hobie water bottle, hobie bag, standard fins and turbo fins. I bought it brand new from Sunstate hobie on 09/09 and have all receipts and manuals for it.

With the turbo fins I can cruise for hours around Moreton Bay at speed, go anywhere I want. Warning! :egrin: This is not a good kayak to go fishing with friends as you need to wait for them all the time! I am moving house and it really needs to go now. :cry: Make me an offer. I will send some more pictures if you wish.

Thanks for the remark. The cart is indeed the standard Hobie Cart with the normal wheels. The standard tyres look wide and I used to launch from a sandy beach without any problems however. Anyway, any mistake is hereby corrected. :oops:

As for the price. The cheapest 2009 Hobie I could find was 1,800 for an Outback which is more comon. This Revo 13 is a lot easier if you need to travel a bit of distance at speed without much effort. It is also still easy for one normal person to put it on the roofracks which is no longer possible with some of the biger yaks. I bought the Revo 13 brand new for 2,390 (before options!) in 09/09 from Sunstate Hobie. As such if anybody is intersted in a nice fast Revo 13 with options, you can have it for 1,800.- As far as I can see this is the best offer I could find, hope you appreciate! :glad:

If you wish to see the kayak, please drop me a mail and I give you my adress. Allow for a day as I need to pick it up from my friends shed where it is stored inside (Always been stored inside!)


Cheers Runtty B)

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okay fellas! ill get it ! just needa get a yes from the folks, and a little cash heheh :P

I need a few new rods Runt, can you put in a good word for me too?


You may well laugh ... but what did the olds say? Can I get a new rod?

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