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The Glenlyon trip.

big al

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While packing up boat kicked my right toes on a paver skin off 2 toes and nail off the other on with bandage wake up wed morning toes hurting like hell cant put on shoe is this a bad omen to go or not ..yer lets go .so off we go .get there 12. 30 pm unloaded into cabin . out we went for a troll with a green lure on one and a red on the other. After Around 100meters off goes the green lure up comes a nice yella 370 mm un hook him. off again then bang bang something a bit bigger this time up comes a nice cod you beauty 480 mm .I thought this is going to be a great afternoon but as I reached down to un hook my first cod on my own made lure(still smiling from ear to ear ) it gives one hell of a flip out comes the treble and bloddy friggen hell straight in to my finger (so the cod caught me)and the lure catches yella cod fisherman..

I’m now thinking sore toes treble in finger no pliers maybe I should have stayed home I had to push the barb through finger(have you ever tried to do that not easy )so I’m looking around for the nearest boat as I’m by myself there’s one about a kilometer away. Hey mate have you got cutters he cut the hook of the treble then says hold on then yanks out the hook a few nice words were said by me blood every where.. That’s my fishing for that afternoon what could have been??????

Up the next morning get a few shrimp. The wife comes this time gust in case ( I got into trouble ) we had a bit of a troll around I got another yella 350mm on the green lure. then went for a run right up to the top of dam timber every where your dodging trees all the time, a very fishey looking dam.

Back out around 3.00pm off to a clump of trees out goes the shrimp then bang she gets 2 yellas around 370mm she happy with that. I hadn’t even got a touch . But then as you know fellas, with me putting on her shrimp and taking off fish when do I get a chance to even put in a line. Then finally I caught a couple of yellas, by then getting late then she gets a nice cod 460mm boy was she happy with that cod no shrimp left by now so on with the lures red one for the wife and my green one for me as it has been going well and same colour has caught my pb bass at bigw after a little troll bang she is on and up comes a little cod she is so happy doing better than me for cod and her first time luring a couple of pictures then the batteries in camera went flat so the end to the pictures .at least I got pictures of the cod .back to fillet the yellas that we caught. A shame the cod were to small .

Friday morning up to a clump of trees way up the dam out go the shrimp the wife gets a nice silver 360mm then 4 yellas, so here we go again 5-0 I’m thinking should I throw the misses overboard. But then I get 2 yellas, so back to the cabin to fillet the fish. So far wife 9 fish me 7 fish

Packed up Friday night as I wanted to get out at 5.00am Saturday, –so off I go, ‘BY MYSELF’, this time up to the trees again where I pulled a nice silver and 3 yellas, had a troll for half hour and got a small cod about 310mm, so that’s 5 more fish to me the score now looks better, wife9 me 12 Back to fillet the fish before we head for home. I’m am thinking to my self a good 2 days, nothing else has gone wrong, then while filleting the second yella, bloody hell what’s all that blood? I cut the top of my finger so I now have had enough, gave the rest of the fish to someone, else I just wanted to get the hell out of there before something else goes wrong.

Car all loaded of to put the boat on the trailer and what the f----- hell the electric winch, not working the best had to pull the boat up and oh no no no no, I slipped on the ramp, in I goes a nice swim to finish of the trip but we made it home ok –( you can stick glenlyon up where it fits) but a very nice spot. I might just one day go back. At least I tested my lures and caught plenty of fish and out fished the wife hahaha, a long story but it will give you all a good laugh and things do happen to other people not gust you











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Plenty of fish to go along with your bad luck there hey Al. I am staying there this weekend and taking the kayak in the Dumaresq and Mole rivers. Can't wait. We caught 17 cod in a day between two of us last time.

Got any new lures that you want tested?

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Great to see success on the lures. I can't tell if the one that got you was the red or green one though ;):P

The dam looks nice and full.

If I was a kid I'd be saying "Grandad, can ya tell me the story about when you slipped into the water again" :woohoo: :lol::lol::lol: Sounded like some of my old trips haha

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