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Black Magic Equaliser

Terry H

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So, Tuesday I ordered a Black Magic Equaliser. For those who don't know what it is, it's one of the best gimble belt and harnesses. This setup also comes with a nice big carry bag which, when it has the belt and harness in it, still has plenty of room to store your hooks, swivels, line, and any other gear you may have for (in my case) sharking.

Angus asked me to put a pic of it on the site for people to see, especially for those who are new to shark fishing.


In the bag:


PS: The cricket bat in the first pic is one I used like 8 years ago, now all it gets used for is back yard cricket, or when I'm bored throughout the house.

Sorry about the excessive amounts of white (flash)

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hopefully with a bit of luck i will have my 80wide before christmass, same for my harness, im guna buy a cheaper harness first and then when ive got the money buy a black magic. I was looking at the site this morning and they seemed very good. I think its worth every cent u payed terry.


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yeh i will have to get a harnes soon aswel... tho im not looking for a harnes that costs more then my set up :P jks mate... another thing is i dont rely wana be walking around a beach all day with a lot of gear on waiting for a shark... but yeh a cheapy will do me fine as i can sit down and stuf and not have to worry about keeping it clean

im suposed to be heading out with marrek in the sept. hols one time :)


p.s. i alredy have my 80w :)

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