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does anyone want some meat


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to everyone i am going hunting, thursday, friday saturday and sunday next week out at mitchelle. i dont know how its going to go out their due to half their 22000ac property going under in the floods, but our target is goat and pig...

now i will only keep pigs 50kg and under ( female best ) and goat, the kids and femals are best.

now i check their kindey, liver and lungs to see if they are healthy and also the gut for worms.

i dont expect any cash for these, but i do ask if you want some, please can you pick it up or meet me some where. in the past i have give pork and goat away and to those they have said, best ever...

so fingers crossed, i will have a good report and some good meat to give out....

also has anyone got a 130l+ eskey i can borrow for the trip. i have 180l, but i would like one more so i can bring back as much meat as possible with out overloading 1 eskey.....

cheers kurt

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i was just talking to the wife the other night about wild goat and she said you wouldnt catch me eating that,so yer i will have a small bit kurt and i will try and get a photo of my wife after telling her what she just ate :evil:

Funny stuff Brad!!!! Reminds me of when me and my brothers caught some freshwater eels at my uncles property out behind Nerang. My Dad's mum commented later that night "This fish is lovely, what is it?". Dad: "Oh that's just a couple of smelly eels the boys caught down the creek this morning mum!!!!!". The look on Grandma's face was priceless!!!

Plenty in line before me Kurt - but if you're still looking at offloading some I'd be glad to take some of either off your hands as love both. If not, no probs. Good luck and enjoy.

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