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AFO PuntersBream Social - Recliffe Sunday 29th April 2012


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Come and attend the first AFO Social Fishing Comp! Entry to each event will be $10.00 and these funds will be distributed this way: 30% 1st 20% 2nd 10% 3rd 10% Lucky Door 10% BBQ Funds 20% AFO Funds

Preliminary details are as follows:

When: 29th April 5am launch - be back around 12pm-1pm (undecided on finish time as of yet) BBQ to follow completion of event !!

Where: Scarborough boat ramp

What: 5 Bream max per competitor Please make sure you have a brag mat or equivalent on board as most fish will need to be measured into the mm's

Photo Entry Measurements are to the FORK only (to avoid any discrepancy in regards to lengths). If you want to keep your bream or store them in your live well bring em to HQ to brag if you like Lure & bait it is up to you

Who: Anyone and everyone - please make an effort to come along and meet some new people. We are a lovely bunch

Why: Have fun!

We need to cater for the BBQ, things like snags. omions, sauces etc. so can you please post up here whether you are attending so we can work out rough catering details. Please consider people organising the event are coughing up initial funds for the BBQ and we don't want to buy food for 50 people and only 5 turn up ;)

This should be an awesome day out and would love to see as many of you guys as possible

PS if you have a spare deckie spot - post it up here for the land based people so they can jump on board the event :)

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Just want to confirm the what: 5 bream max per competitor - we'll take the measurments of the 5 longest bream and combine them. Not 5 individual fish per person.

Was really hoping to go down to the Clarence ABT that weekend but i don't think i can get work off so i'll stick in Brisbane for this :)

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Surfingant wrote

sunnydays wrote:

Surfingant wrote:

Hopefully I'll still be able to make this, I'm without transport again

Are you taking the yak Ant? if not I can give you a lift...I think I have a decky spot lined up if he is still going so no yak as yet, where do you live Justin?

I'm at Holland Park West. I can give you a lift though, only about 20min drive to Forest Lake. I'm thinking of grabbing a decky spot too, don't know if I can be bothered with the yak...

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Count me in for this, pretty keen to get to my first social and meet a few people.

I will have a decky spot available too if anyone needs

Ill take that deckie spot if its still available?

Sorry mate Sunnydays got in a few minutes before you did. If he backs outs you can have it

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I should be in for this but will confirm about one week out. Is anyone willing to identify general areas they can be caught - in particular are there any close-in shallow reefs where they can be caught with the possibility of squire as by-catch?

Might have a decky spot - will advise later. Will prob try both bait and lures. Cheers.

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