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AFO app not working properly on Iphone?


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Hi Admin,

logged onto AFO today and noticed the changes. Little thing popped up and said "install recent topics app", push this button. Pushed it, installed and looked great however it only loaded half a page. refreshed it, did the same thing. blank screen.

refreshed it a third time and was able to get to the menu screen, and was able to scroll down the "forums" tab and select latest post. The outlay looks awesome, but it froze up while it was trying to load. Reception is very good at my work. The app appeared to have a few ads and then the rest a blank screen. Tried to log on several times during the day but no go.

Its awesome to see fantastic changes with afo, and changes comes small little glitches. Just thought id give you guys a heads up.

Regardless, awesome to see a AFO app for the iphone.

Keep up the awesome work guys

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