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Logan River Shark session 21-4-12


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G'day all, went for a quick session down the Logan this morning with Ross and the aim for today was to land my first shark on my Nordic/FJ 1000/3lb bream gear. Got there at about 9:45am and Ross was already set up with lines in the water but no interest as yet, after a little trouble with my knots I finally managed to get one to hold and was soon rigged and ready to go. Eel in the water for both of us and the waiting game started, Ross was getting some interest with some half-hearted little runs and not long after was on to something decent, a bloody massive pike eel!! We did not get a photo of that behemoth as neither of us were particularly fond of the idea of taking it out of the water, cut the line see ya later. Just after the pike went back my little Stradic started to make some small noises that sounded like the drag, it was and I was hooked up to a sharkie that had gobbled the bait but was swimming back towards us, after taking up the slack and getting into him he went for a small run and gooone the tail rubbed my 3lb braid (leader not long enough). Re-rigged and back in and Ross was on again


This time it was the right species and after a short tussle we got him in the net


A new PB for Ross at 86cm


We kept on at it and my rod went off again this time going like a freight train, by the time I got to my rod I could see the backing on the reel and started tightening the drag, first lean back on the rod and goooone again :evil: spat the bait this time.

Well Ross thought this was all too funny, so much so that he went and caught another!


This one had a nice set of chompers and took a bite of his net


It had all gone dead for me but Ross was still getting stuck in and hooked up again, this time being the ever so generous soul that he is he handed the rod to me and said your turn, at first I didn't want to take it because it had a Daiwa on it and the handle was on the wrong side (nothing to do with not wanting his pity) but in the end I grabbed it and had a good little fight that gave me my fix for the day, cheers mate :) Ross has the pics (video?) of that.

That was it for the day, no more runs so we packed it up just after lunch, all fish and runs came just on the turn of the tide and on Eel baits.

Thanks for the morning out Rosso was good fun mate.

Cheers Ant :cheer:

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