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A couple of scenic shots form my last bass session.


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Hi all, Liam and myself went out to Hinze in search of some bass the weekend before last.

It was a pretty wet and miserable morning on the water but we persisted and were rewarded with a couple of small-Medium fish each.

Anyhow, here's a couple of scenic shops from the day.

Heading out to Clear Island Waters tomorrow arvo for a dusk session. Hope they're on the chew.











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Nice photos mate, that salvinia is the biggest pain in the a$$! i hit the western arm last sunday for one fish, i couldn't get a spinnerbait through the weed on surface, terrible stuff! i haven't seen it in the eastern arm yet.. so hopefully it doesnt spread to far.

Cheers, Glenn.

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Most of these pics were taken up the far end of the western arm. Seq water have place floating barriers to help stop the spread of the weed and apparently there is a spraying program in place further up stream so we were told.

I don't understand why they do not use what is being used in the N.T. to control the weed.

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