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electric motors


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for the price you cant go wrong $179 for 44 lb thrust and &199 for 54 lb compare that to an minn kota endura at $515 and $639 the bow mounts start off at around a grand. A bow mount is more efficient but the steering becomes very twitchy when travelling so you really need a rudder also. the bow mount is very handy when positioning the boat for accurate casting. It really depends on what you want and can afford. I would assume the k mart motors will be fresh water only ( same as the minn kotas enduros that i compared them with. I have a couple of mates that use their enduros in the salt and they have had no problems. they always wash them down, pull the props off and spray with crc.

I run a 55 autopilot bowmount ,combined with a stern mount. The autopilot is great for trolling as you just point it and forget. I normally run the stern mount on its lowest setting and that stops the twitching.

Another advantage of the autopilot is the remote controll.The newer models also have a hand held remote worked by radio ie no electric cable to get tangled in but i prefer my foot controlled one as you can manouver whilst fighting a fish.

I have another mate who has a motorglide with remote controll but it is worked by mechanical push pull cable and it is quite cumbersom campared to the minn kota.


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