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Land Based Brisbane River: Success


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I thought this report would be a good one for a few reasons:

1. There has been tonnes of people over the last few months asking about land based spots, like you have to travel ages to get to good ones... Not so.

2. There have been quite a few people asking about lures and where they can go to try for a first fish on them...

3. Any report is better than no report :)

The Brisbane River, at least some reach of it is accessible to many members and today's missions really opens a lot of doors for those out there with no cars who want to cover ground. @helibase and I started a ferry hop early in the morning. It does not really matter where you do this as most city cat ferries offer good rock structure (as does most of the CBD reaches of the river). Just turn up, flick around, walk a bit and then catch the ferry 1 or 2 stops down and so on. 

Fish were constant with probably not 5 minutes going without at least a little cod or bream caught. Lures that were working best were smaller 40-60mm hard bodies diving to between 1.5 meters and 2 meters. New anglers always want to know about retrieves etc... There is really not magic here. Cast out near structure and slowly retrieve. The lure should do the rest.

Below are some of the fish. Most of the better ones and others just to exacerbate that is was a great numbers game. Especially for a 3 hour session including travel time.

With fishing like this right on your Brisbane doorstep there is really no excuse not to get out!




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4 minutes ago, Cmaltby said:

That's awesome can't believe you were catching fish like that so close to the city. All I've heard is that the Brisbane river is fished out..

Mate for the size of the river NO ONE fishes it. Sure the mouth gets a hiding but it is a BIG river.

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Great post Angus - some nice bream there and I always love seeing cod!!  You're right about it being a big river and full of fish - I've got Colmslie boat ramp 5-8 minutes down the road and always tell myself that I should put my tub in there and turn left towards civilisation however always drive towards 'what I know' ie. the river mouth area.  One day!!

Cool idea hopping on the CityCat and going on a fishing tour - actually that would make for a very fun social event - finish at a pub with all our rods ....... :)

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That's such a creative idea for a fishing session, I would never have thought of that! Some absolutely awesome catches and variety there. Yes I am aware that the river is more abundant with life than most people realise but if I were to do the same I would expect 1 maybe 2 bream and that's it. A real eye opener :)

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I think lures are the way for this light tackle river fishing. Using bait ='s a lot of catties. Although catties will take a lure, it is less common. 

@samsteele115 yeah mate to @helibase who I fished with this was considered a very average session. 

@kmcrosby78 a fishing pub crawl... novel idea... 

Regatta stop & Regatta Hotel

South Bank & Plough 

Riverside & Pig and Whistle

And maybe finish at Teneriffe with some pints and snacks at Green Beacon brewery... 

A dangerous proposition :P

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23 minutes ago, samurai201 said:

Angus, id love to join u for this type of fishing sometime.If you don't mind that is

Yeah no problems. Not sure when I will be out there again as I am away the next 2 weekends so short of a quick flick on the way to work it won't be before then. 

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