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Moreton Bay Snapper Mayhem


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Hey all, 

Been a while since i put up a post but better late than never i say.

As with everyone else lately me and a mate Jamal Kanj decided to go out and chase Longies on Saturday. It was looking like a great day out and i was looking forward to getting my arms stretched. We were cruising around their usual haunts and there was very little action so the call was made to have a scan around for some new ground as the sharks in the southern bay at the moment are so thick it makes it impossible to boat any fish.

We were cruising around a few contours when we came up into the shallows and spotted some big fish in the side scan. We couldn't identify what they were and we knew they weren't Jew and too big for snapper so i called them for big goldens.

I had a slow blat jig on and my mate had a plastic on and i positioned us so we would drift right over them. First cast and my mate was on.......and boy was he on. After a decent tussle up came the snapper from hell.... we picked our chins up off the gunnels and gave each other a few high fives, took a few pics, put her on the brag mat and set ourselves up for another drift. By this stage we're super pumped because we can see them and i am considering swapping to plastics when my mate hooks up again. After some serious motoring around on the electric we finally boated our second big snapper, pics, brag mat again and tried to swim her so we could go again but she just wouldn't come good so we made the decision to leave them for another day. All in all it was a great day out with a lot of laughs. 

At the end of it we ended up with a 10.4kg snapper that measured 98cm and a 9.8kg that measured 96cm .

Cheers for looking...... :-)









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Saw this on Facebook. Bloody ripper of a fish, not once but twice! :o So you didnt see any longtail? Must have been a bit unlucky not to if you were in the northern bay. Saw them in 4 different spots in good numbers but getting them to bite was the challenge. Hope to see you out there next time Stu and that's a good lesson for us all, always take note of the sounder. I always forget to when tuna fishing.

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