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Barwon Banks On Monday (short Report)


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 and I took the opportunity to head out on Monday to see if we could get a feed of reef fish. We headed to the Barwon Banks to an area I have never been before to see what we could find. 3 attempts at getting the Lowrance side scan transducer working off the transom of the boat has failed, so I'm biting the bullet and will flush hull mount it. 

We started with micro jigs and and with little interest we dropped a bait down for an instant response. The rest of the day we predominately used bait and occasionally dropped a jig. We caught a variety of fish and a few firsts which is always nice. The list included, Squire,Red Throat Emperor, Coronation Trout, Pearl Perch, Red Emperor,Tusk Fish, Dog tooth tuna, Maori Cod,Scorpion fish, Wrasse.

Luke got the Dog Tooth Tuna on a jig it was around the 45cm I guess. A few minutes before I was bitten off and called it for a mackerel, probably another doggy.  I was happy to catch 4 Coronation trout, but getting my first legal one was a buzz. We kept 2 x Red throat and released a few undersize and 3 others that were size but may have shrunk being in the esky all day, so we released them to be safe. The rest of the esky consisted of 2 x  squire, 1 Pearl Perch, 1 x Coronation trout. We didn't take many photos and the fish were not big, but very tasty. Unfortunately Luke's phone has failed so no photos of Luke's fish,

We had a good day out and once the wind dropped it was magic just to be on the water. Thanks Luke for bring chocolate, ice coffee and chicken rolls, most appreciated mate. 

The new canopy was excellent allowing us to get to the front of the boat easily now there are secure grab rails.

Work will take out a few weekends coming up, so any time on the water is a good time.

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We had no problem by sticking to the west wall and following other boats out. They weren't big tides and we did launched and retrieve on the bottom of the low tides. 

Be nice to do an overnight-er and see what could be found. It makes me nervous when the whales are around though. 

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