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Great Day At NPD 8/7/17


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Had a really enjoyable day at NPD this morning . A little fog on the way up but it ended a lovely day with little wind until just before we left.
Had two fantastic deckies  ( Gary and his mate John who is visiting us from his home state of Minnesota)

John was very impressed with the number of fish and their size and fighting ability. He underestimated how well a good bass can go and smashed one of Garys rods.
John had the gun seat and could not stop pulling in bass whilst Gary looked on in envy.
The bass were a better quality than yesterday with plenty over 40cm landed.
Final score was 69 bass and one yella plus 2 tandans.
John and Gary have made a very generous donation to the PRFMA to purchase fingerlings in appreciation for the trip.
John is heading back home on Tuesday so bon voyage and hope you have fond memories of your stay in Australia.

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