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Logan Shark Hunt

Brian D

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Yeah right - what a fiacso - I didn't even get a bait in the water before I blew my motor.

I meet Troy and Jordan at Skinners so they might have someting to report but I don't think so.

I did see a huge Cod carrcass at the ramp - would have been 40lb - which give me an idea.

For the record I think it is too early for the Sharks that far up the Logan - I would suggest closer to the mouth - which is where I was heading. I should have known better and said something.

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I was out in one of the boats fishing last night and out of the 5 boats that were in the same body of water , no one even got a run that could be a shark.

just some pike eel catfish and a jew fish was all.

We had some much diffrent baits and not a thing.

The sharks are there it was just unluck night if you ask me .

Skinner road sucks for fishing , but i must say i have got killer cat fish from there and u can get shaks as well.

but still it sucks

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