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The Threadies Are Back!


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Hey Guys.

Finally landed our first Threadfin of this season from the Brisbane River last night :) .(20/10/06). Only a little tacker (The smallest we have caught) at 75cms and around 2.5-3kgs. As usuall it took 20 minutes to get the bugger kicking upon release.

I went down with Ando (mat_anderson) and another fishing buddy Jordan. Got there at about 7 p.m. for the run in. Caught the Salmon at about 9 p.m. Pictures will becoming soon when Ando gets them from his mobile to the computer.

Also Ando got snapped off around a pylon after one of the best fights I've seen from a Threadfin with a few nice jumps and solid runs. He was estimated at about 6-7kgs which is around the average for them.

After a few failed missions and dropped Salmon at our feet we finally scored the first one. Loosing good fish is what brings us back for more ;) . Also landed the biggest Catfish that we have caught from the river at well over 3kgs and 71cms. Not really something to be proud of :angry: . Like I said pictures will be coming soon of the Threadfin.


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Troy! Good work on the salmon mate! Do you ever keep any for the table?

About that catfish? 71cm??? That's huge. The biggest I have personally seen is a 67cm fish we pulled out of Big W (on 4 pound line lol) and I believe it was of the \"Blue Catfish\" variety. Ern Grant reckons they only grow to 69cm, so we were pretty impressed with our capture. There is however another cat \"Giant Salmon Catfish\" which are more common up north, but spread as far south as Morteon Bay (so I guess they could be in the river). This guys grow to 1.5 m (somthing like that can't quite remember).

Regardless I'd like to see the full size pics of the cat to see if I can ID exactly what \"version\" lol it is. Would you mind sending me the full size pics? If you are not on dial up that is!

Good work again mate


ps - Team \"Shark Bait\" caught our first shark for the season (with a bite mark from a bigger shark in it!!! :woohoo: ) I'll do a report soon.

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