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Cracking new farm session, first squire!, pic now


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Couldnt resist going out for a fish tonight as thanks to the boys on here O now know when run out tide is.

Theres a big floating crane on the river just now so coulnt resist having a fish round it using small pilchard tight to the hook with elastic cotton.

Every single cast i was hooking up then losing.

Finally I caught my biggest Bream yet, 25 cm, and decided to keep it for the pot as ive never tried bream before.

The highlight though was catching my first squire, a beautiful wee pinky roughly the same size as the bream. The pinky was returned unharmed, Henry has the pic hopefully he can post it for me.

Heres a pic of the bream, must say looks delicious.

Image too big! Try and resize just now.

Incidentally, what are the legal size for the most popular fish. I know Bream are 23cm but havent a clue with squire, flathead and almost evreything else to be honest.

Really chuffed about the squire, i always thought you had to be at the mouth to get them, they really are a beautiful looking fish.




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There's a maximim size of 70cm on flathead too. (Only Dusky flathead, but until you're confident of telling the difference it's easier to stick to the 40 -70 range. Other flathead have a min of 30 and no max))

Well done on your success - it's all upwards from here:woohoo: )

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Great fish, I've had great sessions at new farm and some dud ones, never caught a squire there though so thats nice, if you have a look under 'hints and tips' on the top links of the forum and follow it to fish species you can find all the legal sizes of different species. Great fishing, which side of the park was this?

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