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I've been fishing for a couple of months now and have got invaluable advice here. When out and about and peeps have a yarn I tell them I am only a beginner fisherman, then sometimes proceed to out fish them. So when do I stop using this "beginner fisherman" tag? I've used poppers, hardbodies, soft plastics, big hooks, small hooks, floats, small/medium/large sinkers, no sinker, mullet gut, mullet strips, bread, prawns, white pilchard, squid, cheese twisties and steak. I now own 3 rods and 4 reels and I'm a BCF member. I've caught toadies, bream (25cm PB), whiting, a small catfish, various perch and a turtle and a crab pot. I've even bought a fishing mag! (For the free lure...). Once I've been out on a boat can I call meself a fisherman??? I presume I will never stop learning......

Just wittering away, please ignore me!!!:kiss:

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Always ask "how long you been fishing mate?" then you can say you are/are not as experienced as them. You can also learn a lot from newbies. Just change your wording to say you've only been into fishing a couple of months. Some days you will outfish,some you will be outfished. It doesn't matter as long as you are out there fishing and enjoying yourself



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Hey PK,

It`s been awhile since we`ve posted together.

Well matey, you`ve caught fish,you`ve used mullet guts as bait, so you`ve definately smelt like a fisherman,your getting a fair amount of tackle & gear,so you must be a fisherman.

Your now in the next stage,it`s honeing your skills,

keep asking questions,keep trying new things you hear about,learn as much about the species you want to/or are most likely to catch.

From here on,it just gets better and more expensive.haha

Well done,cheers

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Hi Pommy Kev

You're well on your way but you haven't mentioned ticking of the checklist the following;

* the late nights

* the early mornings

* the obligatory fishing in the cold,

* getting wet ar5e & no fish or

* the sand flies & mossies

* What about the one that got away?

:laugh: :laugh:

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To move from beginner to novice fisherman, first you need to:

1. Spend every wakeing hour looking at the weather.

2. Spend every sleeping hour dreaming of fishing.

3. Go with out food to buy fishing tackle.

4. Be on a first name basis with at least 5 tackle shop workers, must be from different stores.

5. Know the opening and closeing times of every tackle shop in at least a 50km radious of your home.

6. Hide your purchases from your spouse.

7. Sneak into your shed to play tackle.

8. See a puddle on the side of the road and wounder if fish live in there.

9. Try to fish the puddle:blink:

10. Wounder what you can sell to buy fishing gear.

11. Have fishing posters in your shed instead of naked/semi naked women.

12. Look for posters of naked women holding fish/fishing gear, so your mates dont think that your gay.

13. When releaseing a fish that you caught, as you give it a kiss good bye, you slip it the tounge:P

I'm sorry but I cant spend anymore valuable fishing time on this list. The weather is great and the tide is on the way in. Time to go see Steve at BCF, or maybe Harry at Amart all sports. I've managed to hide some money away from my wife to buy fishing tackle.;)


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I suppose its like alcohol... when are you an alcoholic? haha... I've modified the questions for an alcoholic to fit fishing

has anyone told you to cut down your fishing?

Do you get angry when people tell you not to fish?

Do you feel guilty spending so much money and time on fishing?

Is fishing the first thing you think of when you wake up?

if you answered yes to any of the questions you may be a fishaholic! and once you are a fishaholic there is no turning back.

on another note, I've only been fishing for over 2 years. I had a late start and never fished as a kid so in some ways I'm still a beginner.

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charlie_h1 wrote:

i think the question you need to ask your self is have i learnt every thing about fishing because we are all beginners as there is always some thing new to learn.


Are you suggesting that we have a gathering of the urns,fishing session??

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