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Well fed bass 5th/6


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Due to Ray's generosity I managed to turn a slow day into a more successful one. I started off with a few cast to the edges with a s/bait but no luck, so moved on down the dam trolling on the way, this was hard also until I got to the last bay, I then managed 3 on ridgeback lures. I had 2 shrimps with me so I pulled up and turned them into 2 bass a trick I learned a few years back. I then went through my tackle box and tried blades,jackals,spros,s/baits etc etc with no luck and the worst thing was I had fish sitting under me. At this time I got a call from Ray, he had shrimp I had the fish so we amalgamated our assets, thankyou again Ray. Picked up 10 on the shrimp from Ray and then started trolling home, picking up another 7 on the way. All up 12 on shrimp and 10 on lures. Most noticeable thing for the day was the excelent condition on the bass, they are into there winter feeding frenzy and fingers crossed there is some good fishing coming our way as soon as the water clears a bit more. [img size=448

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Fish while you can


Fat bass

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