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Drought Broken! Finally Thanks to Maroon Dam


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B) Well I have finally shaken the hoodoo! not a mighty haul by ANY standards but fish were caught none the less!

My First Bass - came in at 43cm

This was the first fish landed of the weekend and only 1 hour after wetting the lines. half an hour later.. Bang on jumps another this one came in at 38cm (no pic got to dark for the camera)

All was looking good the weekend started great( it was at this time we realised we had no bait(old mate left it in the garage!!).............Time to retire for the night! Day 2 (Sunday) was looking good at first light until the rain clouds came accross. Well make the most of the opportunity and dart off to Boonah to grab some bait back just in time for the rain to clear and start fishing. NOTHING!! Skiers started doing circle work just out in front of us and nothing was working even for a bite!! Took a break until they had finished for the day. The wind had picked up and felt like it was coming stright off the ice! new area around the corner and all we could manage for the night was 1 annoying Catfish This morning got up early and drowned the last of the bait and all I could manage were half dozen small cod????? not to sure any help would be good.

Well 2 good fish is still better than nothing and heres hoping that the brissie rivver fairs the same next time! B) [img size=472

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