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sharking on the gold coast


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hey guys, i am looking to do a bit of sharking on the goldy this summer, but since i havent used bait for a couple years due to my fasination with lures and the fresh water natives, i am a bit lost on where to start. i'll list the questions and any help at all would be greatly appreciated

season ? is it still to cold for the sharks, and when do they start moving through the canals?

location ? i was thinking the canal that runs through casscade gardens at brodadbeach

tackle ? what pound line, trace and size hook is recommened ?

bait ? is live mullet the go?

bait placement ? i will be fishing at night so should the bait be suspended under a ballon, anchored to the bottom or allowed to swim free?

im not after anyones hard earned secrets just a steer in the right direction

cheers dave

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Personally I havent fished for sharks on the Gold Coast, but I know they are there in good numbers throughout the warmer months. There was a thread on this forum regarding fishing spots that pointed out where sharks can be caught in what areas, can't remember the thread name!! It had maps of the locations and species that can be caught.

I usually fish for them in the Logan river and use anywhere from 20 to 50 pound main line, wire trace of about 80 pound and fish on the bottom with ganged hooks. Baits I have been successful on include pilchards and mullet. Haven't tried live baiting but heard it does work well. Hooks I usually go for two ganged, half pilchards for me work better than whole pillies

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nows a good time i think mate, should be getting stirred up the water temp was at 22c last time i went out so its warming up for sure.

i'd be using good size live mullet or bream, tailor etc and failing that nice juicy pike eel as a deadbait. 2 8/0's should do the trick and any of the canals or lakes should have some sharks swimming around.

if you can take 2 rods set one on the bottom and one on the surface, cover both grounds

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