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Cabbage Tree Creek 25/10/09 Report+Pics


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After yesterdays successful trip to CIW I took CEDRIC for a creek sneek this morning.

Faulked was keen (as always) for a fish so we met at the ramp for a quick paddle/peddle.

I was a bit late to the ramp so Faulked was already on the water when I got there at 5.40.

His choice of vessel for the day was a trusty old canoe, and he started the morning off with a small flatty before my lures had touched the water.

Conditions were perfect early with glassy water and a gentle breeze.


There was no surface activity evident, so we cast and trolled shallow divers and metal blades along drop off and near the moored boats.



CEDRIC and I finished the day with the "Estuary Trinity" with one of each Flatty (45cm), Bream (23cm), and Whiting (15cm).

Add to that a toad fish that took a liking to my trolled lure and it wasn't a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.


Not sure what Jase ended up with, but I know he scored a couple of flatties and a bream or two as well.


There were planty of other kayaks out enjoying the cracking early conditions, most were just out for a paddle but seemed happy to share the water with a peddle-powered


CEDRIC got a few envious glances and positive comments thrown his way which was nice.

Here he is redy to go home after chalking up some new yak-species for the team.


Thanks for the company Jase, you need to get that big boat sold and get a Hobie to save your aching arms :P


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yoyo wrote:

rocket, you gotta get yourself some scottys and some rod holder extensions for the back as well ! make life a heap easier and also more conducive to going offshore (otherwise your reels will get soaked)

yeh mate, when I get the confidence and motivation to go offshore I'll definitly look into that.


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brissy fish wrote:

Hey there guys :)

just wondering how much a "CEDRIC" would cost.... with all the trims???

Hi brissy fish,

not sure how much to buy new one.

I bought him used (Hobie Sport 2007 model) for $1500.00 from a private seller on KFDU and thought it was a good buy.

Came with everything you see (except the yellow crate :P ) and the front rod holder extensions.

Yo-Yo recently bought a new one, maybe he can give you a ball park figure.


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BrissyFish, depending on what you consider to be 'all the trims', for a hobie sport

setup like mine you are look at (new) about $2700.

I got mine a fair bit cheaper than that but it's a long story....

The great things about hobie's are that, whilst they may seem expensive at face value, they do come standard with things that are extra for other kayaks, like a paddle & seat, which depending on your tastes, can actually cost a fair bit.

They also come with the in-hull 8 inch tackle box.

I have rear rod holder extensions and also twin forward scotty mounts sitting ontop of extensions themselves (keeps reels away from saltwater).

i'll have to take a pic and post it up so you know what i'm talking about...

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