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trying something new


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we've been feeling a little bored lately always doing the same thing, so we thought we might try something new and innovative- livebait :angry:

first observation was the clear water, the rivers been looking nice, clear and green even as far up as west end recently. anyone else noticed or am i dreaming?

anyway, hit the water, turned right instead of left (bit windy down the mouth so we headed up a bit) hit a random spot and did a few casts of the net, only 1 silver biddy lol. gave it to kev, while i threw a plastic in, kev grabbed a 45cm cod and i grabbed a 60cm jew first drop, then its back to more bait collecting

threw the net a few more times and found the silver biddies, did some fun pitching into stupid places and we both got utterly and severely destroyed on 60lb by something large :S

rerig and some more fun pitching into stupid places and kev managed another cod of similar size, before we got bored and went for a cruise upstream

didnt fish hard just sort of motored around, found a nice big isolated boulder to put on my "to fish" list and after some more motoring found ourselves back at the ramp

fish were quiet tonight, glad we managed a feed but i do wish the wind was a lit

tle kinder in our regular spots, oh well good to give them a break anyway

shoulda stuck with lures ay less cleaning :D

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nah they wont be monster grouper, monster grouper wouldnt fit lol. we did a few weeks of this kind of fishing with dead baits, they're mostly just cod in the 60+ range with some good snapper thrown in occasionally.

what you need is raw winching power, any small overhead should do and 100lb+ leaders lol. cant allow any drag to be taken and cant pump/wind, the fish has to be outside before it wakes up!

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