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Better late than never...


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Hi Guys & Gals of AFO,

Ummm... well, what can I say...

It's kinda stupid of me to have 'missed' on this "Introduce Yourself" section earlier, as I've already joined AFO since July and had posted 2 reports on fishing in Kuala Rompin in Malaysia... and here I am.

Just thought it'd be polite if I just drop a line here and introduce myself (kinda working backwards now...) :)

Well, since I've joined AFO and posted those reports, have already 'replied' to Gus, Cowfish (actually, Will was kind enough to help me post my pics onto AFO and I've learnt how to from him), Davo, Bommie, Johnny, Tobie10, natang, .... and lots more...

You've got a wonderful thing going on in AFO and I do hope that one of these days, I'll get a chance to meet up with you all and perhaps do some fishing... either in Brissy or even in Malaysia!

Honestly, I'm thinking of doing some in 2010. Will try to arrange a trip there and will post in "going fishing" section, I guess.

I'm from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which is just across the Causeway from Singapore. in fact, I live approx. 10 mins from the Checkpoint.

I've fishing a couple of years already (mostly in ponds), but lately I've been 'hooked' on deep sea fishing because of the various kinds of fishes that can be caught and not knowing what you'll get till you get it...

So far, I've gotten Sailfish, Wahoo, Barracuda, Parrot fish, garoupa, Queenfish, and the list will keep going on...

Now, my dream catch will be the huge Blue Fin Tuna... hope to get it one day, at least 150lbs and above... :huh: :woohoo:

Anyway, thanks to all I can learn from all the threads and posts in here.... and i'm still learning...

Cheers to one and all!


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hi Gaz,

a belated thanks!... :cheer:

do let me know if you are confirmed on coming over here. will try my very best to help and perhaps join in...

April, will be good to fish in Kuala Rompin, the Sails, Wahoo, Diamond Trevally should all be out "playing in the fields"...

In fact, I've already booked for the 27th and 28th March... :laugh:



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