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aussie day cobia


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crossed the bar around 4 am at talle ck on the last of the run in tide no breakers and headed for the palm beach reef. half a dozen boats out already so we found our spot and anchored floating out pilchards and jigging for live bait. only 1 jig aboard and it was lost early so i rigged a pananoster rig with small hooks for the yakkas which caught us a few. livie rigged and floated out the back we kicked back waiting for action but it was slow for all the boats didn't see much landed anywhere. i caught a tailor early but it was a fair wait till another rod springs into action when 1 pilchard rig takes off. craig steps up for this 1 as brad was retreaving a slug on his spinning outfit while i cleared the deck. 10 minutes later we boat a healthy looking cobia craigs first and he's stoked with it clearly going over the meter mark. baits rerigged we sit back but brad has other ideas and drops a half pillie to the bottom and after a good hit but miss he didn't give up. next hit on his rig is well connected and this thing did not want to come back i called it a cobia after a bit of experience with them. brad fought this brute for 10 to 15 minutes turning it once or twice but it finally bust him off most likely on the reef.an hour later we had a live yakka got smashed under a balloon and was connected for about a minute then nothing so i wind it in to find the swivel failed. about 830am we headed out to the gravel patch for the biguns and had 1 livie hit and after only 30 seconds he shook the hook, it could have been a black marlin as a mate in his shark cat spotted 1 near us. we called it a day at 11am and headed home all of a 10 minute run in the boat which appeals to me, no driving over the horizon when you can get qaulity fish within minutes of the ramp IMG_1756.JPG

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