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Back to the broadwater canals :)


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This is a late report from last week thursday - weather seemed better than usual and day off for myself & the mrs so off to the coast we went to the beach for a swim. Problem was i couldn't find my tackle bag, only around 10/15 lures in there but it's all i have and felt pretty :angry: .... I just hoped i left it at my parents place and so off i went to the coast with just the one lure lol

Damiki MU-SP in this colour:


Ps - A big thankyou to PlasticFantastic aka Mark for hooking me up with a great deal on a DSLR which has been so much fun to play with!!!

Anyhoo off to target some of these;


First spot was dud but second one was a cracker.. trevs smashing bait, bream sucking pontoons and a family feeding bream bread. Tried throwing the hb into the mix of the trevs but nothing, aimed at the edge of bream eating bread - nothing. threw the hb right on top of the bream feeding on bread - nothing..

put a cast about 10cm off a pontoon 1 wind then let it sit there as i walked right so i could retreive under the pontoon. before i took my 3rd step - bang zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz line was peeling right underneath and with a little skill and luck i landed this guy


not very big at all but great fun lol

thanks for reading i'll throw up more pics later

random playing with dslr









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Nice one khoi! That ayu colour in the mu isn't bad eh???

Nice pics too mate.....

Check your pm's

thanks mr scopes! yeah its not bad.. this one probably wont get a swim again now that ive got my crackjacks back :evil:

and pm sent lol.. have fun reading that essay lol!

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