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Gold Coast to Maroochy: two days in the life...


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Sup, long time no report. Cos I don't have a computer, and typing a fishing report from my little HTC would be a pain in the ass.

Once again, I have no photos. I left my camera in Rockhampton, usuefully lying on the floor, probably under a sock. Or magazine... Maybe both.

But the story starts boxing day. The Cricket was shit, I'd eaten more ham then it is safe to and my buddy Ryan was chillin' with me. So we decided to pack up the Cruiser and go to the Sand Pumpin' Jetty, just like we used to (when we used to go, my mum would drop us off, his mum would pick us up). So, picking up a few bags o' live worms we headed to the jetty.

Within a few casts we had our first whiting on board, an undersized one. However, catching a fish on your first few casts is always nice. After a few more undersize whiting we landed our first legal fish. Into the bucket.


By now the rain and breeze had picked up, leaving us rather cold and wet. The call was made to find somewhere less wet and less cold to fish.

We tried the seaway first; So I rigged up a halco slug on my Sol and had a few flicks. For nothing. My mates knot came undone first cast and lost his lure, so he cracked the shits and we moved on.

Under the highway bridge was the next spot, chucked a couple of little X raps around for nothing.

Back to the Jetty.

The call was made to go back to the Jetty, since we can't really get and colder or wetter. Turns out this was the best choice as we ended up landing another 7 legal whiting and 2 legal dart aswell as several undersize Tarwine, whiting and dart. All in all, a good day was had by all.

I just had those fish for breakfast, and they were freakin tasty.

Dipped in flower, fried the f*ck out of 'em in super hot peanut oil. Some, I dipped in beer, then bread crumbs, who also got the peanut oil treatment. This also, was tasty. I'm a genius in the kitchen, you know? I really just wanted an excuse to have a beer with breakfast.

This mornings breakfast leads me back to yesterdays fishing, in a roundabout, time travelling way.

Yesty, I'd had planned a trip with Brian from Anglers Advantage in the Maroochy river. With it being so dirty it was always gonna be hard, so we headed straight for the mouth. Fished for a while before Brian came up tight on what I thought looked like a small Jew, but turned out to be a 42cm whiting, and it was fat (1/12th jig head, 3" nuclear chicken) next on board was a small flathead and golden trevally. Finally I got my first hit, which I missed the strike, few casts later and I caught a diamond trevally (or Half Diamond as we called it, didn't look exactly like a one, may have been one of those inbred trevally I read about... or outbred?).

But the fishing was hard, so by 10am the call was made to go chase some tunas and macks.

Cue Mooloolaba:

We set off in the boat with a new gear (Saltiga 3500 and others on 9kg Saltiga Rods) with 7g river2sea slugs with new split rings and trebles.

It was rough going in a 4.8m polycraft in 2-2.5m swells, and me being the only jerk who has only worked on land for his whole life (One of my mates was a long liner and the other worked for MSQ and now Customs) found it even harder.

After being busted off on my first cast on the lighter gear, the Saltigas were rigged.

We followed the birds around, which was hard going given the swell, I got another bust off at the same time was Ryan came up tight.

After the the Mack Tuna was released, it was my turn to land the next one, the Ryan got his second.

At which point we gave up and started heading in, due to my sacraficing my lunch to the sea... On the way in we spotted one last school break the surface just as we motored past and it came up tight for Nick who got his first fish for the day.

So the tally came in as:

Brian the tour guide: 42cm whiting, small flattie, small golden trevally

Damien the raddest and handsomest dude ever: 1 diamond trevally, 1 mack tuna of 7-9kg.

Ryan: 2 mack tuna 7-9kg

Nick: 1 mack tuna 7-9kg

All in all, not a bad few days fishing, going out with my Sisters boyfriends 6.1 quintrex, weather permitting in the next few days, before I head back to Rocky early new years, as they really appreciated my 150 dollar BCF voucher... As well as being handsome and rad, I'm also very nice. Very modest too, thats why I love my self so much.

Big thanks to Brian, super guide.

And bigger thank you to Ryan who picked me up off the side of the highway late Christmas ever as my Corolla died 300ks from home.

And hope all you handsome devils out there in fishing land had a dynomite christmas and have a cracker New Year.

I'll try get some reports up from my Fishing trips upto the 5 Rocks, 9 Mile Beach, Corio Bay, Byfield etc etc etc area, as I am now based up that way.

Peace out,


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