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First few bass for 2011


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Hey guys,

Got out for a bass session on Sunday arvo. I took my brother and his friend along, and my brother was lucky enough to score his first Bass on a lure. Needless to say he was very excited about it. Must admit i love introducing people to bass fishing, nothing quite like it. It also makes me look like less of an idiot when they can finally see what i am on about when i ramble about bass fishing.

The weather was great, but the water was a raging torrent. With little water to fish effectively we had to do a fair bit of searching to get onto some. In total we got about a dozen of small to medium size fish between about 10 and 25cm. Nothing to write home about, but it's still great to get out in the skinny water.

Anyway he is some pics from my phone, quality isn't amazing but hopefully good enough for you guys to enjoy.



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