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GC Canal Smokingggggg


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Spent the day on the highropes out on mount tamborine then headed to the gc for a quick flick for nothing. Dinner was had then a flick around the canals.. Heaps of action as per usual but couldn't get a hookup.

Splash splash boil boil sigh sigh sigh >.>''

Then all of a sudden the fish go nuts so i send a cast in and soon as the lure lands BOOOF! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... it stops running whatever th hell it is but then starts these big headshaking lunges towards the middle of the canal. shake shake and i hear splashes so it must have come to the surface when PING it's all over.

I thought the leader wore though (I upped to 6lb today because of the rain, might have dirtied the water a little). Wind in the lure to find this had happened:




Rear treble completely gone, from the split ring down everything :S

Front treb completely mangled =\

Any guesses?

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that's crazy mate! Wouldn't have thought you could put that much pressure on a fish just on 6lb!

Yeah buddy, just tie good knots lol! (not that i can talk, every time i've hooked a suspected jack my leader knot ALWAYS snaps.. ) It's a double uni

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That description is like a barra, especially initial powerful run (that big yellow paddle tail), short runs followed by head shakes, and surface thrashing. What was the surface activity like? Any really loud boofs from fish inhaling prey on the surface? How cool would it be if it was a barra in a GC canal!

I wouldn't say big tarpon as they are so hard on leaders, I reckon probably would have shredded a 6lb leader well before destroying the trebles.

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dunno, pulled a 50~ model out of the same spot about 2 weeks ago and he didnt crush trebles or anything?

I have heard people getting their rover's bitten/cracked in half by GT's!

It depends how they grab the lure I guess, different positions would have different levels of pressure on the lure. I've had what happend to your rover with the back trebel happen to a Frenzy popper on a 40cm or so tailor.. I was trying to land it on the rocks though.

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