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2011 Winter Camp - 3 Weeks Away!


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Just a reminder that Winter Camp is only 3 weeks away!

I will start getting everything sorted from here on out including cabin allocations etc.

Cant wait for this one as it has one of the best RSVP lists ever!

Good times, good times...

You can find out everything you need to know about Winter Camp here: http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/100-winter-camp/313718-2011-winter-camp-official-thread


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Guys if you think are you booked but DONT see your name on this list please contact me ASAP!


Angus Gorrie

Tanya Gorrie

Bronwyn Lyall

Emmanuel Cassimatis

Ray Kennedy

Henry Do

Ted Stevens

Nicole Simmonds

Tomas Lazlo

Chris Simmonds

Declan O'Connor

Den Metzdorf

Ellen Wren

Danny Do

Deb Y

Pia Rita Asanuma

Haylee Alice Holzworth

Henry Tanuvasa

Mathew Rampling

Mark Rampling

Brian Rampling

Jesse Beil

Graham Pflaum

Baden Phillips

Lisbieth Thie

Eddie Platt

Julia Birks

Chloe Galovic

Andrew Boyd

Julia Boyd

Rob Searing

Richie Muir

Santiago Chiesa

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