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Post your top 5 Vermin list


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Rather than clog up Kreels fantastic Vermin of the Month Competition with rants about everybody's most hated Vermin. Please feel free to post your list of 5 most hated vermin.

One mans passion is another mans pest so sure to be some interesting lists.

Heres mine.

1 Tailor. plastic chomping, leader biting, lure stealing pests.

2 Doggies. as above but at least they are good to eat.

3 Pike. good for bait but you have to question why whatever Diety you believe in created them

4 Bream. the Carp of the sea

5 Flathead. Only good thing about them is that you catch them no matter what you are fishing for and they are good to eat

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1. Eels- pike or freshwater or whatever, all toothy slimy balls of evil. On landing they give me the evil eye, just waiting to strike when my gaurd is down

2. Catfish- have big spikes of doom and despair that really hurt when they flip off the hook and impale themselves on your bare foot, leave slime trails, immediately poo a mud like substance on landing, need I say more

3. stingrays- go like the clappers and flaps brushing line mislead me into thinking 'I can feel head shakes, might be a salmon/jew etc', until they do the creepy crawlie thing on the bottom. Also have barb of terror on tail. Bit scary to unhook as when flipped over they look like an alien

4. Sharks- take baits meant for more desireable species, scary to unhook, leader destroyers

5. Tarpon- climb over any lure in their vicinity like a fat kid on a cupcake. Without fail destroy every leader just by looking at it. Go schizophrenic on landing, spraying scales everywhere and once smacked tail wrist into my sensitive nether regions when vainly attempting a clean release. I think they number in the billions in Cairns inlet

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Actually I take sharks off my list. I kind of like shovelnoses- they are like those pug dogs- so ugly they're cute.

Replace with big sea toads- beady flouro green eyes, buck tooth Mr Ed mouth, head like a dropped pie, body the colour of mucus, and smell like a camels toejam

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Three really annoy the crap out of me.

1. sea toads- Those bastards chew through anything damaging lure trebles,biting through wire traces and being an all round nuisance

2. toadfish - soft plastics manufacturers best friend. enough said

3. crabs - when you are fishing quietly and see your rod gently getting tapped then feel the dead weight when you strike and wind in, you know you have a bait sellers best mate on the end of your line

4. Noddy eels - these buggers make an easy release difficult by their acts of contortion. enough said there

5. catfish - they don't really bother me that much but it did ask for a list of five

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I keep thinking i've got a stonker snapper then a spangely surfaces to my disapointment i get the big spangely to often instead of big snapper :pinch:

Spangeled emporor

Gees Tugger you are doin alright when you have the spanglies on your vermin list

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