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Debt Collector?


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We have in our work contract that customers pay for costs incurred from debt collections, so be careful on the front, these agencies take a cut of the dept collected.

Thanks Jarryd

At this stage I am happy to get some money back. It hate people that do not pay their bills.

thanks I will give these guys a call.

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If it is a business that owes you the money and it's over $2000.00 you can serve a winding up notice I used this a few years ago and was paid in hours of them reciciving it

Thanks mate. I was trying to find this on the ASIC site today. I reckon that would get them going

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If you haven't already done so send a letter of demand requesting immediate payment. State clealrly that non payment will result in you pursuing them for any outstanding fees + interest + debt recovery costs.

Like Tomca said just file a small claim.

%90 of the time they will cave in straight away.

For more info:


No legal representation allowed for either party so it ends uo costing nothing apart from some of your time and the lodgment fee, $73 for claims over $1500 otherwise $44 for $1500-$500. And $13.00 for under $500.

Once they lose and still refuse to pay you just fill out a form 58 and get a enforcement order through the magistrates court. Costs nothing to file.

If you can't be arsed doing it yourself just get debt collectors and they will do something along those line but frigg up there credit rating in the process.

At the end of the day it will be them paying the debt collection agency's fees not you.

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