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Another Boring Week


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Hi guys, fantastic weather today down here but the last 2 days it has been blowin it's head off.

Tuesdays trip was out in the Broadwater to check the water colour and to see if there were any early Tailor about, 25 knots of wind meant all the better spots were unfishable.

We did troll a couple of rock walls and came up with a nice Cod so the morning wasn't a total disaster, Cod was caught on a shallow X Rap 10cm, like i said we we re looking for Tailor.

Water was greenish north of Crab Island on top of the tide so things are looking better.

Wednesday was an afternoon trip up the Nerang, wind had eased to 20 knots so conditions were much better "not", water was still very brown however for the first time in a month the water did taste a little salty.

Tried a few different spots and picked up a couple here and a couple there which is normal, had 15 Whiting and 2 Grunter when my Deckie had to head home.

I still had half a dozen worms left and decided to go down to the Council Chambers and see if there was anything there on the start of the run in, there was 13 Whiting in an hour run out of bait and went home.

Been a fantastic whiting season and this is their last major spawning month before heading back upstream, good to see plenty of fish still around, good to see bag limits doing there job.

Traded in the whiting frames for couple of Muddies this morning, not as many keepers around as the last couple of weeks, but still a feed.

Looks like a good weekend coming up and with the water clearing should be plenty of fish around, good luck, cheers wayne






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Dassa i work Sundays mate so not much chance of seeing me on the water that day.

Ben, i only use Bloodworms, they never miss in my opinion.

Kurt, probably not the best title i have ever come up with, like you i find fishing never boring.

The boring part in the lack of variety because of the dirty water lately, soon as the Snapper, Trevs and Tailor turn back up the better, cheers wayne

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Tiotony, we always get a lot of those Small Spotted Grunter at this time of year especially after a lot of rain.

I think the ones your referring to are the bigger Barred Grunter, the odd one is caught and they did turn up in numbers a few years ago but either didn't hang around or got wiped out, hopefully they will come back i would love to tackle one on light gear, cheers wayne

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Life is real good! Catching more with soft plastics up here than anything else. Been putting in some hard yards for not many fish this week, don't know why though. Lots of undersize using crappy bait for a change. Thinking a cast net and yabby pump are must have when all else fails (still haven't gone there)!! Haven't seen any whiting yet, don't know where they hide and have only seen two flathead the whole time which is different… I've been beefing up my gear to, which has been fun.

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