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PB Shallow Water Snap


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Hey guys,

Weather has been really terrible lately for any sort of fishing in South QLD, so sitting at work Friday afternoon stressed to the max, saw the wind had dropped off and decided what the hell, I'm going fishing.

I was on the water by 4 and to my local spot at 4.30, deployed the sleeper plastic out the back (Zman prawn) and started flicking around my snapback. Plenty of grinners and small snapper, before landing the first legal at about 5.30, it was a 32cm grassy, things were looking up and my stress was fading. Things went quiet until dark, I was just about to head in when the sleeper doubled over and a 42cm snap came on board, great that's dinner I thought. My other rod that I had put down to fight the fish then took off at a great rate of knots, 10mins later in the dark my headlamp shins on a big red shape, then finally into the net comes my PB local snap of 55cm.

All fish caught in under 2m of water that had a deep tint of brown from the recent rain. I am thinking it's going to be a cracker season, bring on winter.




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Great Snap mate and good to see you out there, before you came in with that fish i was telling my mate you would be lucky to land a Snap out there over 50cm so you proved me wrong on that one. All i managed was a few grinners and a hook up on a suspected longie that towed me around for over half an hour only to come unhooked.



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