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Lost World: Surprise Catch


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Decided to head out for a fish this morning to chase a few Bass on the surface. I make my way through the gorge

and start seeing quite a bit of surface action so I start working my Atomic K9 Walker and before you know it the water erupts and I'm on !!!!

Was using pretty light gear so it took me a while to land this bad boy!!! :woohoo: needless to say I was extremely surprised by this catch !!! I didn't realize Tuna were found so far up stream :dry: :huh: :whistle:

This fella was released to fight another day B) at least I have a good land based spot for the Tuna social now B)


Happy April Fools :side: :silly: :lol:

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Zing! Haha manni

can hardly tell it's photoshoped...

Not one of my best but didn't have much time this morning, after all April fools on lasts til lunchtime lol

I reckon you would have got a few people if it was a Toga

Very true, didn't think of that lol

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