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the afo hunt... cant take any more orders......


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on the 28-29-30 & 1/6 brad ( basstracker ) nik ( nook ) or bubbles as everyone calls him my dad and myself are heading sth/wst to collarenebri nsw. we wil be out on this 22,000ac propery that consists of flat red plained country that is used as a sheep farm.


now for all you lamb lovers out their we can bring back a full lamb for you at the cost of $100 each 1/4ed and broken down . numbers are limited, so first few in best drissed will get some of the best lamb going. you will need to provide own eskey for us to take out.

we will also try to bring back some pork and goat for those who want it but no dog meat this time.

p.m me asap

Bommie has got 1 lamb

Jnewy had got 1 lamb

Woodlaz has got 1 lamb

swersy & doobsy have got 1 to share

hulk has got 1 lamb

rosstralia has 1 lamb

bobbie has got 1 lamb

and btw,also to everyone that wants a lamb, please tell me how you want it broken down and payment needs to be to me 4 days before i go out to the property

thats it everyone, we wont be able to carrie any more, so if you havent got one, sorry you missed out

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Sweet as, should be able to get an esky big enough. Mark me down for one :) Do u need payment up front or upon delivery?

I live next to the hyperdome and work in springwood so it's easy enought to meet up :)



up front, sorry forgot to say that, will edit now

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Im planning on eating my lamb out there, maybe 2 depending on how hungry I get, I told you we should have invited fast eddie with his rotiserie!!! This is going to be a nice trip with some good blokes looking forward to it. Also looking forward to having a crack at kurts new space age scope technology haha

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Doobsy and myself will go halves in a lamb, cheers I'll pm you to get details for payment and drop off point for the esky, cheers


Ps. Any idea of approx weight of the animal?

mate i can not be sure, but i think they are between 20 & 30kg by memery. its been 2 yrs since i have been out their

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i would go a lamb or pork/goat but have no esky to provide so must pass. good luck with it

Mate if you want a lamb, i can grab another eskey


will take you up on that offer.pm me details and I will organise payment.



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