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soft plastics at night


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dont know if this is the correct forum but do soft plastics work at night?I was catching plenty of shovelys on bait tonight and tried with a couple of soft plastics and all i caught was weed. i tried some garlic scent and all it did was make my scotch taste awful when i came home. solution was have shower - wash hands again and have another 2 scotches.


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the only adv i can say is this:

Maybe try older scotch. 12 to 18 years usualy does the trick.

Or, you could just go for my favourite, Jameson's.

You did the right thing though, by haveing a couple after the shower. Anytime that your eyes are open, or partially open is a good time to have a scocth.

Oh yeah and wot they said about Sp's at night is true.:lol:

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