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A few recent sessions


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Haven't posted a report in a while so here's a few recent sessions.

About a month ago a mate and I were keen to get a Mary River cod , so we headed out west!

After a bit of research and google earthing we eventually found a place to launch our yaks which wasn't farmers "property".

It was a long stretch of river that looked so fishy with many fallen trees in the system making it prime cod country.


Anyway, won't get your hopes up thinking you might see a cod photo because we didn't catch any.

It was still such a great day with a mate trying something new!

Next trip saw us putting our yaks on the roof and trying a new spot not far from home. Once again the scenery was magnificent but the fishing poor! Only managed a couple of small bass each with Cal catching his on fly.



The last few weeks I have snuck out for a few shorter sessions in my local areas and the fishing has been good!

Managed a few 40+ bass which is a good effort for the system, plus many high 30s fish. The bigger ones are definitely on the chew at the moment which is making for some good fun on light gear.

41cm fat and healthy bass.


Yesterday I took my yak out for a skinny creek bashing session. My lure got smashed early on in the piece by a solid 44cm fish, equalling my pb. It was the best fight I've ever had from a bass trying to pull it out from its home. It's moments like those that I wish I recorded! It was epic.

Managed a 39 just before the storm which gave a good account for itself as well. I also got bricked twice in the snags and got plenty of exciting surface hits to end the day!

Anyway, there's just a few of my recent fishing trips. All in all it's been pretty good fishing of late. Haven't taken too many photos though unfortunately. This rain hopefully should fire them up more.

Oh, and I've mainly been using zman grubs on a 1-40th tt jighead and fishing it subsurface. The more subtle profile and soft landing on the water has been the key in catching these wily bass in the crystal clear streams. Heavier and noise creating lures simply haven't been working as well. Will bring out the hard bodies after a bit of rain :).


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Some good trips there, Sam. Even without a catch the cod spot looks nice. Interesting you found the best presentation method in the clear water. Makes sense I guess. Congrats on the PB.

No idea on the flipping photo, sorry. :blink:

Thanks Brian.

Managed to flip the upside down ones after about 30 minutes farting around. It's just the sideways ones now :evil:

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Pretty sure the photos will post in the orientation they were taken on a phone, so if you've taken the shot with the phone upside down then that's how it will post unless you edit and flip them right way up. And yes there is a "right way up" when taking the shots in landscape :P

Well there you go! That explains one of them. Doesn't explain the other flipped one which was taken portrait and edited to be landscape :P.

That definitely makes sense though.

Thanks mate

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