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Lake K Tillies And Toga


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Haven't posted for a while so here's and update. Found a spot on Lake K where the big Tillies seem to like to hang out. Mostly they're 30 - 35cm, with the odd 40+ tillie thrown in. The hard part is getting them through the lillies and weed to the bank. Don't know how many I've lost after they got stuck and then they find a way to throw the hook. I started out with 6lb line and a 10lb flouro leader but I've found that their teeth are very abrasive and have since upgraded to 20lb leader. Here's one afternoon's short session. If they're on, 20 or 30 isn't out of the question. My pb at that spot is 43cm. All caught on worms. I've also tried corn kernels, but the Tillies don't go for them and I've only caught Turtles with corn.



The Tillies aren't always there, but the good news is, when the tillies aren't in the area, these guys show up.:). I got pretty lucky with the Toga as they all tended to jump just before the weed and lillies and I could ski them in over the top of the weed. The toga were caught on black cicada lures, one of them with a worm under a float. I've also landed quite a few bass and Tandans at that spot, mainly on worms.



Also caught a smallTarpon in the upper reaches of the Pine River. Saratoga put on a nice aerial display, but it's nothing compared to a Tarpon. These things go nuts!!!


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