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State Of Origin 2017


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It`s that time of year when the Blues start wailing, and that`s just their media and fans to set the tone for their team.:lol:


SOO GAME 1 Qld Team



Walters has stated that Jonathon Thurston is highly unlikely to overcome his shoulder injury for game 1.

OR, that`s double talk for Milford is filling in at training sessions (and on just in case standby) for Thurston and he (Thurston) will have a  rapid recovery next Sunday night, but (just in case) Bennett can not take Milford over to NZ to play the Warriors next round??? :whistle:


Queensland Maroons Origin I team
1. Darius Boyd (Brisbane Broncos)
2. Corey Oates (Brisbane Broncos)
3. Will Chambers (Melbourne Storm)
4. Justin O'Neill (North Queensland Cowboys)
5. Dane Gagai (Newcastle Knights)
6. Anthony Milford (Brisbane Broncos)
7. Cooper Cronk (Melbourne Storm)
8. Dylan Napa (Sydney Roosters)
9. Cameron Smith (c) (Melbourne Storm)
10. Nate Myles (Manly Sea Eagles)
11. Josh Papalii (Canberra Raiders)
12. Matt Gillett (Brisbane Broncos)
13. Josh McGuire (Brisbane Broncos)
14. Michael Morgan (North Queensland Cowboys)
15. Sam Thaiday (Brisbane Broncos)
16. Aidan Guerra (Sydney Roosters)
17. Jacob Lillyman (Warriors)
18. Johnathan Thurston (North Queensland Cowboys)


My only query would be Aidan Guerra who has been very quiet for the Roosters this season, but again has never let Qld down and therefore deserves to hold his spot.


I don`t see any surprises in the selections, and keeping Morgan in his role off the bench as an impact interchange was the right decision if Milford does play.


Cherry-Evans would never have been a realistic selection choice, even when he had been in good form with Foran at Manly, he could not take the step up to the origin level.


I would say Myles, Guerra and Lillyman would be the heads on the block if by some misalignment of the planets, on the night, Qld doesn`t win game 1.


EDIT  added

New South Wailers


1 James Tedesco
2 Blake Ferguson
3 Josh Dugan
4 Jarryd Hayne
5 Brett Morris
6 James Maloney
7 Mitchell Pearce
8 Aaron Woods
9 Nathan Peats
10 Andrew Fifita
11 Josh Jackson
12 Boyd Cordner (c)
13 Tyson Frizell
14 David Klemmer
15 Wade Graham
16 Jake Trbojevic
17 Jack Bird
18 Matt Moylan
19 Jordan McLean
20 Jack de Belin


20 ? even 22 wouldn`t help them :lol: 

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Once again a Wailers side 5 to 1 dominated by individuals who each think they`re the missing link.... no balance again  and both Malone and Pearce are the dominate halves at their clubs, will they balance each other.

Fifita, Klemmer and Graham should be worth a couple of 2 pointers for Qld if the score is tight.


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Thurston officially ruled out of game 1

Mad Hatter Bob`s been smoking the freshly sprayed pesticide drenched green lucerne again….

Federal MP Bob Katter is “fuming’’ about Billy Slater’s omission from the Queensland State of Origin side and will make a formal complaint to the QRL.


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9 hours ago, Angry51 said:

That's just Bob, dont worry he'll still

be there after it's all done.


yes, he`s a survivor, but his pacemaker did work overtime when Ian Roberts joined the Cowboys :lol:

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9 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Shame JT won't be there but on the plus side it lets us see what MILF can do in that arena. Perhaps he'll waltz past Pearce and score while he's on the lookout for a DILF ............ (you work it out, woof woof ........ :)).

I heard the Blues have a plan in action for Pearce to settle his nerves, Gus Gould is bringing Bluey to the NSW`s training days so Pearce feels at home :whistle:  :lol:

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I was only thinking over the week end that the lead up to game 1 tomorrow night would have to be the quietest lead up to any origin game . That is, there`s been no whining Wailer carrying on about how the Wailers will be robbed before a ball has been kicked, but true blue form has risen to the top again with Daley kick starting the Wailing blues turbine.

Blues coach Daley used his match eve media conference on Tuesday to send a clear message to whistleblowers Matt Cecchin and Gerard Sutton, describing last year’s series as one of the slowest he’s seen.

He claimed 2016 series referees Ben Cummins and Sutton allowed Queensland to much latitude there.

 “We’re expecting the same this year. They tried to dominate the ruck, we didn’t have much room to move last year.

“The games were slow last year compared to usual Origin games. I hope it’s different this year.”

“You just want them to referee the same as they do in the NRL. That’s all we’ve asked.”

Asked if he had sought a meeting with NRL referees boss Tony Archer for clarification and to get his point across, Daley said he hadn’t bothered because did so last year to no avail.

NSW have traditionally been on the wrong end of the penalty count at Suncorp Stadium — winning just 7 of 52 there since Origin’s inception in 1980.

Full dribble: http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/origin/state-of-origin-2017-laurie-daley-wants-traditional-fast-paced-series-opener-from-referees/news-story/6b1f0145bfe5bb4d92326f8d5f663132

for turbine Daley it may have been more fruitful to have skipped the media whine conference and stayed in camp and emphasised to the Wailers not to give away so many penalties and to try to dominate the ruck for a change.

After all you don`t have to tell a Qlder how important it is to dominate the ruck, with or  without the ref`s presence. :lol:

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I think Daley is the only good thing about the Blues team, and I don't blame him for trying to influence the refs because they need all the help they can get. But one day the Blues' brains trust will work out that you can't bash your way to origin success. Once they stop picking thugs and start picking players with heart and footballing smarts they will be a genuine threat.  They would never pick a Gillette or a Gavin Cooper because those guys are just great footballers but don't have the mongrel the Blues are always looking for. Having said all that,  the Qld front row will need to play out of their skins to ensure a win in this series. 

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New South Wales fans are being swept up in a wave of optimism.

Sportsbet have seen 62 per cent of money placed on the Blues to win the series 3-0.

Five times as much money has been taken on a New South Wales clean sweep compared to the next popular option, NSW to win 2-1.

Laurie Daley’s men have firmed into $1.87 favourites after opening at $2.13. Queensland have subsequently drifted to $1.97.


yeah ok….  enough’s enough, which one of you Qlders told the 3 Wailer fans the Maroons strategy is to stay at home in front of the TV and watch the Wailers play themselves for the series.:P

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NSW 28   Qld 4

Can`t take anything away from the Wailers win,  this team just equalled NSW second best result in the past 11 series. :P

Qld certainly missed the experience of Matt Scott, Corey Parker and Greg Inglis in reading the game unfolding in front of them while in defence. Qld will improve, can the Wailers maintain their momentum. Having shown loyalty for past deeds, and with a couple of tanks running dry early in the second half, a couple of changes may occur for the Maroons for game 2.

Billy Slater to replace Justin O`Neill? Slater to full back, Darius Boyd to replace O`Neill?

Dylan Napa had a good showing and will be better in Game 2, and Anthony Milford showed more in 3 quarters of the game than DCE showed in all his origins combined.

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I agree with both the last 2 comments. NSW forwards seem to have more go than QLD.I must admit though that I am not a fan of all rules out the door for SOO. It should be same rules all the time.If it is anything goes why are 2 queenslanders up for charges and no nsw players. I also lost count  of the forward passes from nsw.


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22 hours ago, christophagus said:

Agreed with @Gad - slater to fullback, boyd to replace o'neill and o'neill to get the flick

Chris, I`m a loyal Qlder, I didn`t say to give O`Neil the flick, 'replace' means name him at No.19 :angel:

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On ‎1‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 5:03 AM, Dinodadog said:

I also lost count  of the forward passes from nsw.


Glad I wasn't the only one ....... I was at the game on level 7 in a corner and my mates and I thought from our vantage point that their were plenty of 'questionable' passes. Haven't watched the replay yet (will do so this weekend, well the first half anyway ..... :no:) so will be interesting.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Queensland squad for Game 2

7 changes…

IN:  Billy Slater, Jonathon Thurston, Gavin Cooper, Coen Hess, Jarrod Wallace, Valentine Holmes, Tim Glasby.

   * Jarrod Wallace should get off his Shoulder Charge citing, but then again is there any Qlders in the judge, jury and executioner threesome.

OUT:  Corey Oates, Sam Thiaday, Jacob Lillyman, Aidan Guerra, Justin O`Neill, Nate Myles, Anthony Milford.... * Corey Oates????

Cameron Smith (c), Darius Boyd, Will Chambers, Gavin Cooper, Cooper Cronk, Dane Gagai, Matt Gillett, Tim Glasby, Coen Hess, Valentine Holmes, Josh McGuire, Michael Morgan, Dylan Napa, Josh Papalii, Billy Slater, Johnathan Thurston, Jarrod Wallace


EDIT: adding Wailers team for game 2

for the 1st time since 1996 NSW has named an unchanged team for game 2 of a series.

NSW team for State of Origin 2:


1. James Tedesco  2. Brett Morris  3. Josh Dugan  4. Jarryd Hayne  5. Blake Ferguson  6. James Maloney

7. Mitchell Pearce  8. Aaron Woods  9. Nathan Peats  10. Andrew Fifita  11. Boyd Cordner (c)  12. Josh Jackson  13. Tyson Frizell

Interchange  14. David Klemme15. Wade Graham  16. Jake Trbojevic  17. Jack Bird

Extra Reserves  Jack de Belin  Matt Moylan  Tom Trbojevic

EDIT: 15-6-17 updated Qld positional team list

XXXX Queensland Maroons

1. Billy Slater  2. Valentine Holmes  3. Will Chambers  4. Darius Boyd  5. Dane Gagai
6. Johnathan Thurston  7. Cooper Cronk  8. Dylan Napa  9. Cameron Smith (c)  10. Jarrod Wallace
11. Gavin Cooper  12. Matt Gillett  13. Josh McGuire 

interchange 14. Michael Morgan  15. Josh Papalii    16. Coen Hess  17. Tim Glasby 

18. Cameron Munster

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Hope you're wrong Brian ....... would be heartbraking for the poor bu99er. Yep, Oates unlucky. Makes you wonder why they didn't pick Holmes for the first game because Oates certainly played well last match. I suspect they've realised they're going to need to score a few points to beat this Blues team. Love the look/balance of our forward pack for Game 2 ;) 

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Heard tonight the NSW media are slamming his appointment - that won't fire him (and the rest of the team) up much ...... Pretty sure Cam Smith wouldn't have given him the nod to get picked if he didn't think he could handle it .... :) Oh and just heard before that Wallace got off at the judiciary so all systems go for next Wed - QUEENSLANDERRRR.

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Good to see Choppy and Tommy still love each other, NOT!  :lol: 

No nuts, chair bound, slowed down grasp of the English language and failing memory, (especially from Origin 1 in 1980), Tommy`s part of the footy show could soon be coming by delayed telecast from a high care residential facility :whistle: 

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Taken from NRL site 15-6-17

The XXXX Queensland Maroons have today confirmed their line-up for Game II of the Holden State of Origin series. 

After playing fullback in Game I, Darius Boyd moves to centre as part of a new-look backline which includes debutant Valentine Holmes and returning duo Billy Slater and Johnathan Thurston.

Jarrod Wallace has been named to start in the front-row, while fellow newcomers Coen Hess and Tim Glasby will come off the interchange bench alongside Michael Morgan and Josh Papalii.  

Wearing the No. 11 jersey, Gavin Cooper will make his first appearance in the Maroons starting line-up after making his debut off the bench in the final game of last year's series.

QAS Emerging Origin squad members Andrew McCullough and Ben Hunt will run with the squad during the Maroons’ field session this morning on the Gold Coast. 

The Storm's Cameron Munster has been confirmed as the Maroons' 18th man and will link with the Maroons in Sydney on Monday evening. 

XXXX Queensland Maroons

1. Billy Slater
2. Valentine Holmes
3. Will Chambers
4. Darius Boyd
5. Dane Gagai
6. Johnathan Thurston
7. Cooper Cronk
8. Dylan Napa
9. Cameron Smith (c)
10. Jarrod Wallace
11. Gavin Cooper
12. Matt Gillett
13. Josh McGuire
14. Michael Morgan
15. Josh Papalii  
16. Coen Hess
17. Tim Glasby
18. Cameron Munster

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