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Left clontarf at 6.30, and headed to river reef, between clontaf and tanga. Bit rough early with that sw wind. Didnt know what i was going to find. Mate got bricked after 5 mins, then nothing more. Tried measured mile but nothing.

So when u dont catch anything, cant go home without a fish.

Headed to couple marks i have near compass adj bouy for a feed of winteries.

Didnt let us down. Got 60 in about 90 mins.

Headed back in glass conditions  sitting on 4500 rpm doing a steady 50 kph., until i hit the otter rock beacon in bramble bay. Went from glass to at least 15 kn westerley, choppy , white water everywhere. Thought i had just gone through a time zone, it was unreal.

Was going to chase a few flatties but just to rough.

Home to clean boat and fillet fish. Took grandkids down to boat ramp with 60 frames and they fed the pelicans. They loved it.

A top day




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