New To AFO And Bargara.

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Hello folks,

I haven't fished much since we moved down from the Gulf about thirty years ago and, due to circumstances, have ended up at Bargara near Bundaberg.

Wonderful place to live and I would like to get out and about a bit and get back into fishing.

Some interesting looking water with plenty of rocks and a couple of nice beaches a five minute bike ride from our house . . . but I never see anyone fishing.

I have a recumbent delta trike and can access the coast along the bikeways right up through Mon Repos.

Due to the onset of age an occasional sunrise session on a nice firm beach (rather then rocks) would be magic.

The problem is I have never beach fished much and everyone I ask reckons I would be wasting my time.

I would appreciate any advise or comment.


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1 hour ago, ellicat said:

Welcome to the AFO forum.

I can't help, however @Old Scaley knows that area I believe. Hopefully he can add something.

Sorry @tworowsofeight and @ellicat. I know the Burrum and Hervey Bay areas to some extent but never fished the Bundy area other than one camping trip to the South Kolan when it was too windy to get to Wathumba.  Local tackle stores are usually a great place to start looking for info.  Good luck!

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Not trying to high jack thread but I am now in Childers was in Yeppoon Term 1. Anyways I have been to Woodgate a few times off beach with minimal results. Using metal slugs and sp's. I might try bait but any advice would be great. I did a search and it came with many negative comments.

tworowsofeight keen to meet up at some stage and try our luck at Bagara I am about a 45min drive away.


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Used to camp at wood gate a bit as a youngin, other than a few whiting and other bread and butter stuff it was pretty quiet.


not sure if there are many other beach options available to fish near Bargara, however, bit further south around Elliott heads there is good land/sand based options and you will get blue salmon and other fun stuff land based there too.



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