Transom Height

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Hi snap,

I’m not sure of the background to your question but I must say it sounds fraught with danger. You don’t normally change a transom’s height, you buy a motor with the correct length leg to suit the transom. If the transom is not rated to take a 115 hp outboard, but something smaller you would never alter the transom. The boat’s compliance plate should state the maximum allowable hp for that boat and that limit should never be exceeded. If the boat is rated for a 115 or higher hp motor, the motor you have must be of the wrong leg length if it doesn’t fit your transom.

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Well I just joined and I must say this site leaves the Ausfish site for dead. It says you can access attachments with Free Membership, but then when you click on attachments it says you haven’t got access! Most of the posts and photos appear to be years old, and when you find a recent post (say one in the last few months) none of them have even received one response. I think I’ll stick with this site.

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