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    • By GregOug
      Hi all, 
      Another question. I’m full of it. Ah, I mean them. Anyway, I was dwelling on the amount of plastics (artificial baits) being used all around the world these days and it got me to thinking. Does anyone know if there’s been any research into their effects on fish. I mean, the world is up in arms about all the discarded plastic etc fouling the worlds oceans and yet here we are feeding plastics to fish! Surely the fish are swallowing the baits and then having to digest them. Presumably, they are made from some supposedly biodegradable plastic that is not fouling the oceans or fishes insides.
      I am just wary these days of supposedly safe materials. Years ago people were told asbestos was harmless and even just yesterday on the news I found out that carbon fibre is nearly as bad. There was a light plane crash (in Queensland from memory) and the rescuers had to wait for a special team from the city to arrive because the plane was constructed mostly of carbon fibre, and the team had to wear full body suits and breathing apparatus due to the carbon fibre.
    • By squeak6969
      Well the night started off terribly. Dinner was late and i was worried i was going to miss the high.  Luckily for me i have a brilliant missus who fixed everything for us to leave just when i wanted to. Car was packed energy was high and off we went.  Drive round the corner and suddenly the bubble burst and i felt as though my first girlfriend had just dumped me again. The jetty at victoria point was full of people fishing. Not wanting to give up but knowing i have little fuel till pay day we started heading home. As we pull into the driveway.....da dada daaaaaa missus to the rescue again. She says put the fishing gear into my car i have fuel. Spirits lifted once more and off we went to wellington point. Got there at 9.00.....a little late but it had just gone high tide and i was getting pumped. A quick look up the jetty showed quite a few people but there was still plenty of space for us to wet a line aswell. Eagerly we jumped out the car and felt the wind. It was comming on quite strong and i knew the jetty was going to be even worse. But we were there dammit and i wasnt going to let it stop me from my mission. So we jumped back in the car and went to the king island side of the point. Quickly unpacked the car and walked to our chosen spot. Baited my rod with some worms and cast into the great dark abyss. Eagerly wanting to try out my new cast net i ripped it out if its bucket and began wildly throwing into the i cant begin to describe how bad i was throwing it. I may aswell have just thrown a rock into the water. Going from a 6' to a 10' net sure means tweaking your throwing style a bit. But after 10 or so throws i was making some decent throws and ended up landing a few of theseppy start. Pulled in my rod, removed the worm and rebaited with one of these little suckers. Re cast and no more than 20 seconds after i had put my rod down did the line start screaming. I ran like hussien bolt grabed my rod and bang set the hook. The fight was on. It was my light 4lb gear on a 1-3kg rod vs whatever had dared to take the bait. Keeping the drag just right to bring him in with a few little runs here and there i finally glimpsed the subltle silver gleam in the pale light. My adrenilin was pumping now. I havent been so excited over pulling in a fish in a long time but here i was dripping with anticipation. Finally the fish was at the wall and i pulled it up and over onto the floor quickly so it wouldnt have a chance to flick free. It was a beauty. Pan sized bream. Havent seen one this big in years.

      Just hit 33cm. For a bream i was stoked. Straight into the esky and he will be starring in 2morrow nights dinner. After such a rough start to the night i was glad to see a good outcome. Not only did i spare the doughnut but i was taking home a feed aswell. Well the tide was still high and so were my spirits again. Re bait and woosh vast back into the abyss. Rod down go to cast net and bzzzzzzz rod is off i think i found the magic bait at wello. Grab my rod again and bang hook is good. Reeling in.....then i felt it......u know that feeling where its like the fish just swam into a rock but the hook kept going.....well thats what it felt like to me cause suddenly there was nothing on the other end. Finished reeling it back in, re bait and re cast. I actually got a few throws of my cast net in before the line started going off again. Quickly i dropped my net as i was about to throw it. Grabbed the rod and set the hook again. I had the drag set too loose and whatever was on the end just ran. Quickly tightened the drag and started to get some line back. It was about 10.00 by now and the tide was dropping rather quickly as it does in that area. It was probably only 1 foot deep just below me but i was determined to land this one. It was still a good fight not too dissimilar from my first good fight of the night. But finally i landed my second pan sized bream of the night
      this one a good 29cm.
      but with the tide running out it was time to pack it up and head home. Was a good trip in the end and i have a good feed for tomorrow. Now to plan my next trip out.
      Tight lines folks

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    • By GregOug
      Hi all,
      This might seem like a basic, or even dumb, question but do the Marine Parks green zones show up on modern sounders/gps? If not, how are you supposed to know if you’re in one or not? I mean some are fairly obvious like Swan Bay which a small bay with the demarcation points drawn between two obvious landmarks. But when you are out in the middle of Moreton Bay it’s not nearly so obvious. For reference I have a Lowrance HDS Live with a platinum Navionics card in it.
    • By squeak6969
      If i can fix my net today i was considering trying for prawns off the victoria point jetty tonight and was wondering if anybody has had any sucsess catching them off there in the past or would i be wasting my time?
    • By squeak6969
      Hey guys. Decided i needed some essential seafood last night so went down to redland bay with my cast net and a rod. Caught a few whiting and even a legal one which was a good win unfortuantly it was at the cost of my cast net which ripped on the rocks while tryna catch some prawns. At least i got a few prawns before it ripped. So now im tossing up wether its worth reparing or if i should take a trip to bcf to buy a new one.....maybe a bigger one
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