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reel for my rod - what size?


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My main rod is a PE3 and its got a Stella 2500 9n it that balances perfectly.

It is a lighter one piece rod, but a PE2-3 probably isn't any bigger, but I could get away fine if I put the Stella 4000 on it.

Different reels tend to have different sizes for their number, you know not all 2500's are the same size. But a reel in between those two in size will fit it perfectly.

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To be honest I would select the line size I want to use first, then spool capacity you would like then drag capacity you need.

Nothing worse than using something over built for the job.

Be realistic with your ambitions and likely targets.

The fish of a lifetime can generally be boated on much smaller gear than you anticipate.

I have two bycatch threadies over a metre caught on a 1000 size 20 year old stradic and 1-4kg rod in the past 2 years in the Pine River. Line weight is 12lb braid...target species was flathead.

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The issue that I see is, that mzaakir  has already bought a Spartan 20-30lb PE2/3 rod (which is not a cheap rod) but which will probably be too stiff for a light setup using light line, and putting a light reel on it may make it feel a bit unbalanced especially for casting, off the side of a boat might not be an issue though There are few 2500 sized reel that will have sufficient drag and line capacity to handle his target species but might feel "not quite right " on a 20-30lb rod. I have said it a few times on here, go to a tackle store and see if there is a reel you can put on it to see how that rod will feel.

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yeah ill go to tackle store and get a feel of sizes of reels and what feels best on the rod. also considering getting a 4000 old saltiga to put on the spartan or an old 3500 saltiga. planning to go out on a couple mates boat so the rod wont be overkill at all. Was considering a PE2/4 or 4/6 since thats what most of my mates use when they go but i enjoy getting them on lighter tackle

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On 24/10/2023 at 9:28 AM, mzaakir said:

Hi guys ive just bought a PE 2/3 rod. I plan to put a 3000 certate but would that be too small. 


Thanks guys

pe 2-3?? To match a rod like that you'd have to go with a 4k wouldn't you? Despite that, I still target 50-60cm trevally on my sharpshooter and 2500 caldia combo, and have also landed tuna on that setup as well. All depends what lures your throwing and if your on a boat, that rod could basically do it all with a 4k on it haha.

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