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Logan River


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5pm tomorrow (Monday) night Nuggent from 4BC and www.nuggetfishing.com.au is running a Bull Shark Hunt in the Logan River, meet at the Carbrook Boat ramp Skinners Road

I was going to take the boat out but I cant get there till about 6:30 .... :(

The spot they talk about for shore fishing is the rotary road rock wall I might go there around 6:30

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Here is the invitation from Nugget from his website.

\"Bull Shark Expedition

Hi all - We have a few starters for the bull shark expedition.

I'll be at Carbrook boat ramp from 4.30pm until about 5pm - Mon Sept 25.

You won't miss my blue Stabicraft - It looks like a floating billboard.

My car (as of Friday), is a new silver extra cab Toyota Hilux.

I'm not expert on bull sharks these days - I used to chase them 10 years ago when my kids were little - they were great food for the kids. But that was a long time ago, so we'll have to just try a few different things and see if we can find them.

A pro fisho, Lee Dreyer, caught 64 a week or so ago in his net - he let the lot go.

They were 500 metres before the highway bridge.

The plan is to head up River.

There are two main deep holes - one is on the sharp bend a few hundred metres up River of the Carbrook boat ramp on the bend.

The other is on the up River side of the Albert / Logan River junction.

They are the two main places I thought I'd try.

If you have some recent experience with sharks - by all means fill us in when we meet up at the ramp.

The gear I'll be using is 4 - 6kg, wire trace and a variety of fish flesh as well as pillies.

I'll have my VHF radio on Channel 73 - (just call for Nugget) sorry I don't have 27mhz.

Please ring me if your need more info - 0427003787.

If you're coming down later in the evening, give me a ring as well so I can tell you where we are.

As I mentioned before, the plan is to get some footage for Channel Ten - so if you catch a shark you'll be famous - on Tv!!

I planned to pull the pin around 9pm.

That about sums it up - see you all down there\".

Id be really interested to know how you go anyone that does go!!!


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