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More on Surface Popper action


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Hi Guys

I went for a paddle up Ningi creek the other afternoon. The tide was about 1 1/2 hrs into the run out. Angus, I put in at my usual boat ramp and went up as far as the road. Flicked for flathead on the way up, and got nothing...must need an sx40! So, as I started the drift back down I spooted some shallows that just looked so \"breamy\"...little mullet flipping away. So, I changed to my surface popper....only had one until yesterday.

First cast, two winds of the reel, and a huge hit just behind the lure....and again...just behind it! Then nothing. This was the story for the next 20 min. lost of strikes, but always just behind the lure. I was telling a friend and yes....he said just what you're thinking....\"Shouldn't you have then just wound in slower?\"......damn I hate smart arses! hehe.

I did wind slower, tried letting it sit, then a little flick......so much fun when there's some action you can see. Well, I got three on and lost them, and eventually got one nice 30cm bream into the kayak. I flicked the lure inbetween the post of the old jetty just upstream from where Angus, James and Troy put in. I let it sit for a second, one tiny flick, and bang, got him.

By this time it was almost dark, and I didn't have a torch, damn! So I just paddled back to the ramp, stopping for a flick now and then without result.

The big bonus was seeing the sunset behind a big storm head. There was a break in the cloud just on the horizon, and the sunrays were shining up under and through the cloud......and no, I didn't have my camera. After seeing the photos by Angus and the boys I'm going to buy a new phone soon with a decent camera in it so I can take shots more easily when I'm fishing.


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Hi Angus

Sorry won't be around Saturday.

I'm excited, one more sleep and we're off to my boss's weekender on the Sherwell River near Burrum Heads for three days of kayak fishing, crabbing, and prawning. We'll use my bosses boat for crabbing. He's got a pontoon on the river to cast the net for prawns from. Plan on putting the kayaks in early morning at the mouth of the Burrum, and drifting with the tide up the Burrum into the Sherwell, and back to the pontoon.

I've bought some more lures for the trip. Some which are supposed to be good for jacks. One of the guys from work caught a really nice jack from the pontoon, so hopefully we'll do even better.

I had a look on Google Earth, and that area is now in high resolution, so clear down to about 800 ft. There's really deep water at the mouth of the Burrum, so we might even pick up a GT or a mackerel or two. Damn I'm excited! hehe

So, next time for sure Angus.

Oh, and I promise to do a report on the trip.:)

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