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$1000 to spend on fishing.


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Hmmmm, $1000 bucks on fishing gear

That could get me:

About 200 old Alveys from garage sales to add to my collection :woohoo:


About 60 good lures to help me chase Murray Cod this summer B)


Maybe enough fuel to get me to my favourite cod holes (which are only 4hrs away) :laugh:


A couple of Jackalls :ohmy:

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benno573 wrote:

ellicat wrote:
New bimini and windscreen.

Or maybe some night vision goggles:blush:

hmmm... could be handy hey mate.

"brian can you see that marker over there?"

"no, what marker?"

"ummm... ok mate, just veer left a bit so we miss it. no, the other left..." :P

hahahaha thats fricken awesome!

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